The Obu Culture Communication Library is a symbolic new facility where anybody can obtain a plethora of information, experience high-quality culture and the arts or engage in their own creative or expressive activities. By encouraging people to make new connections whilst fostering mutual recognition and acceptance, it contributes to the advancement of “citizen power” as a place for citizens to leap to the “next stage” making it a place that each and every citizen can feel proud and fond of.

What does “allobu” mean?
Taken from the 2007 Obu City Lifelong Learning Plan, the meaning of “allobu” derives from the phrase “living together in Obu” and incorporates the sentiments: all people, all things, all of Obu.

Building Specifications
Reinforced concrete with partial steel construction, 3 floors above ground, 1 section partially below ground
Site Area: 20,000m². Floor Area: 8,000m². Gross Floor Area: 10,000m²

Venue & Room Sizes
Ground Floor Library: 2,700m²
Komorebi Hall (315 seats): 700m²
Studio A: 90m²
Studio B: 40m²
Gallery allobu 1 & 2: 200m²
Restaurant (60 seats): 150m²
2nd Floor Study Rooms (60 seats): 140m²
Meeting Rooms 1,2 & 3 (3 rooms): 200m²
Multistorey Carpark (203 spaces): 3,000m²
Bicycle Parking (200 spaces): 210m²

Aichi-ken, Obu-shi, Hiiragiyama-cho 6-150-1

Opening Hours
Library: 9:00am~8:00pm
Other: 9:00am~10:00pm

29th December ~ 3rd January & Inventory Days (every 3rd Monday)
※ If the Monday falls on a public holiday, the library shall be closed the following day
Special Collections Maintenance Period (once a year for approximately 5 days)
29th December ~ 3rd January & Routine Inspections